FLAMENCO™ Cloud Software

Introducing the new era in SHM and OMA

Focus on SHM, not the OMA.

FLAMENCO™ is the next generation of structural health monitoring software

Brincker monitoring

Flamenco app uses natural frequency – a stiffness measure for the whole structure. It can reveal hidden weaknesses. It is based on Operational Modal Analysis techniques to perform the health assessment of any structure. Ideal for engineers and SHM specialists, Flamenco offers an advanced yet user-friendly solution in structural analysis.

The Flamenco Vision

Data Acquisition and Transfer

The sensors are installed in strategically advantageous positions on the structure and record the structural response. The recorded data is transferred to the cloud, ensuring immediate accessibility and analysis.

Signal Processing and Analysis

In the cloud, the data is processed and the structural features are extracted and stored in the database. With just a few clicks the constructional data is uploaded and analysed.

Output and Monitoring

The user can easily access each specific monitored structural asset via the internet and oversee the current state and the projected remaining service life. Also, it is all accessible via Flamenco’s user-friendly interface.

Concentrate on SHM instead of OMA

The Flamenco never fails

Our app gives you natural frequency estimates for all your data sets – even when a sensor is failing. In addition, the Flamenco will tell you which one.


Operational Modal Analysis automated – this is what our application offers. You get all the information you need in real-time.

Minimize cost, maximize insight

If you have a lot of data from your structure, you better analyze it all – the Flamenco software can do that for you at the same price as manually analyzing 1% of all data that you have.


Auto OMA can be applied to a wide range of structures, from civil engineering projects like bridges and buildings to mechanical systems like aerospace structures. This makes it a valuable tool in various industries.

You can get started with the Flamenco SHM Software or go into more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any sensor?

Yes, you can use any sensor or any combination of sensors. But the simplest solution is to use one type of good quality.

Why would I take measurement on my structure?

Because it is the most efficient way to know the state of your structure.

BM FLAMENCO™ is the new SHM and OMA solution

The FLAMENCO™ Cloud Software is quick, reliable and robust. It is a multi-module structural health monitoring software platform which enables real-time structural health assessment. The software is driven by information extracted from time data series recorded by sensors placed strategically on the monitored structure.

Real-time structural state monitoring

Flamenco outputs a current indication of the structural health state of a structure. Also, it provides an estimate of the remaining service-life of the monitored asset.

Fully automated system identification algorithm

The state-of-the-art fully automated signal processing engine condenses the data into sets of structural parameters. After processing these parameters, the overall structural health can be assessed.

Patented technology

Together with a finite element representation of the structure, it is possible to have information
such as displacements and stresses in any point.

Get 500 datasets for free

Trying the demo is a reliable way to evaluate the software’s suitability for your needs

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