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The natural frequency is a global measure of stiffness for the total structure so if you have a hidden weakness, you will see it as a drop in the natural frequency.

Natural frequency is the key to unlocking all the information about your structure. Once you have them, the Flamenco can tell you the loads and the stresses everywhere in your structure.

Yes, the Auto-OMA is robust and efficient. Its theoretical principles are explained in this paper, please see Brincker, Amador and Lydakis: A new Cloud-based software for automated SHM of civil structures. In Conf. Proc. of IMAC 2023.

The robustness of FLAMENCO™ Auto-OMA is essential because you cannot afford to lose data from important and extraordinary events. That is why you need super powerful and intuitive algorithms that will almost always be operational.

Because it is better to have all the information than just a small part of it – and it does not cost you more when using the Flamenco software.

You should do that, but you cannot see a hidden weakness and it is expensive to inspect. On the contrary, acquiring data and analyzing it is cheap.

We encourage you to try the FLAMENCO™ software to see how its features work. Also, you can check its performance in your case. You get access to the FLAMENCO™ website, upload your vibration response data to the Cloud, and see the results immediately.

OMA is not an easy task. It takes a long time to learn, and even after mastering it, it requires lots of time and effort to analyze all data sets manually. Focusing on structural health monitoring helps to take the best out of OMA and implement it.

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The collection of our scientific papers

Our founders are experts in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Operational Modal Analysis (OMA). They have written important scientific papers on these topics, helping to improve how we understand and analyze structures. Their work has had a big impact on the field, and it guides our company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in engineering.

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If you are specifically interested in our OMA Toolbox (a MATLAB toolbox designed in conjunction with the OMA “Green Book”, the most cited textbook in OMA) please visit this page and fill out the different form there.